5 Simple Yoga Asanas For Back Pain

If you have a desk job and you are constantly spending time on your computer, then it is more likely
that you are suffering from back pain. Apart from this, sitting on a chair for a long time not only puts
pressure on your back, but also lessens your weight, so that you can have a back problem. To help
reduce the effect of sitting on your back and to relieve back pain, Grand Master’s letter, founder and
president, Yoga, has shared some common yoga postures for back pain.

If you are making a beginning or have not tried any yoga posture, then unless you have mastered the
art, it is wise to do these rugs under expert guidance. Also, talk to your doctor if you can try yoga
postures because some health problems can get worse. Here are some common totals that are for
fighting and preventing back pain that you can try at home.

Yoga posture for waist pain

  1. Shalabhasana: One of the simple and effective yoga postures for back pain is known to stretch
    and relax in the muscles of the Shalabhasan back. Asana also helps to strengthen back pain and AIDS
    in relieving back pain. How To Get Rid Of Waist Pain

Spread your legs and lie down on the stomach. Now stretch your hands out too. When you gently lift
your hands and feet from the floor, then breathe. As you do, make sure the whole body is balanced
on the stomach.

This causes strain in the back which reduces pressure in the lower back and lower back. However,
one should bear in mind that as soon as you do this asana, do it within your comfort and the limits of
your body, and unless you stretch, do not over-express the body.

  1. Semi Matsyendrasana: This yoga posture is known to improve the symptoms of back pain,
    especially in people suffering from lower back problems. It also strengthens your back and relieves

back pain. Posture is also useful for people suffering from slip disks. However, to achieve its benefits
for back pain, it should be done under expert guidance. Here is how to do half matsyendras for relief
from back pain.

Sit down like this, that the sole floor of the foot touches the floor and your knees are towards the

Now, slowly shift your right leg without lifting it from the ground like the knee touches the floor.
Slide your right foot between the difference between your left leg and left thigh.

Tuck your correct foot as near your pelvis as would be prudent. Turn your upper body to the right
and keep your right hand behind for support.

-Keep your left hand on your left knee and on the left foot. Turn your neck around and put your gaze
behind yourself. Repeat the left foot while touching the floor.

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  1. Dandasan: This posture helps in strengthening your back muscles and thus, is helpful in relieving
    back pain. You can also improve your posture by practicing this posture regularly. For back pain, this
    yoga posture is also known to help in the treatment of sciatica and asthma by resting muscles and
    improving breathing. Here is how Dandasan is used to improve back pain.

Sit on the floor in a cross-legged position like Sukshana, which is the most common currency for

Now, spread out your legs as much as possible, so that the legs are parallel to each other and the
toes are upwards.

Do you spread your legs, tighten your pelvic, thighs, and calves muscles so that you can feel the
strain on your feet and back.

-Remember that your back is straight. While keeping the asana, place your palms on the ground near
your hips. This is one of the simplest yoga postures for back pain, which anyone can do.

4.Bhujangasan: It is one of the very few yoga postures that is known for improving overall health.
Bhujangasan not only tone your body and enhances the vein activity of the spine, but also helps to
keep your bones strong. This yoga posture is very useful for keeping your back healthy by making the
spine strong and very nimble. Here are the steps for the construction of the asana.

-Apply on your stomach. Raise your trunk and head slowly with the help of palms alone. The elbows
should bend over.

-Like your neck slightly backwards and see above. As you do, make sure that your navel is pressed
against the floor. Try this posture every day to reduce the stretch on the back and get rid of back

  1. Adavasana: Also known as reverse zombie posture, advasana reduces stretch in the back and
    shoulders. This not only provides relief from muscle tension but also helps in reducing stress. It also
    acts as an effective yoga posture for the treatment of frozen shoulders. However, before doing this
    yoga posture, talk to your yoga expert and doctor so that their health benefits can be recovered.
    Here’s how you can posture at home.
  • So start, lie down on your stomach. Now, raise your arms toward the front and mix your palms.
  • Spread your arms as much as possible. As you do, make sure your forehead is touching the floor or
    mat. Stay on the posture for a while and stay in the starting position.

Use this yoga posture to get rid of muscles in the back and arms of your daily routine and back pain.

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