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ing it. If these difficulties are not insurmountable, a cure takes

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clear is it that a medicine, which, in a healthy body, produces

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on the addition of an alkali — soda, potash, or ammonia — the

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height of 108.6 which with the use of a bath commencing

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in progress, and can even accelerate it by gentle rubbing with a bit

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consequence of the children being seized rather suddenly with stri-

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marked in the left arm, in the situation of the insertion of the deltoid

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was 101.2^, Dr. Croucher seeing his patient in the early part

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decided, and in a similar case, if seen sufficiently early, I

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to modified small-pox. Under all circumstances, whether modified

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admission) felt very tired after his walk ; the front part of

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sible hypothesis, that it was a case of acute tuberculosis of the arti-

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character of the facts on which it rested. In 1838, this important

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of the virtues of our remedies, that this special discovery

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lady's favourite flower {primula obconica) was the cause of the

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JFith o'esjoect to those whom it is wished to vaccinate, we have to

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became cedematous all over — feet, legs, body, arms,

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3rd, when I was called in consultation, but it had only

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diagnosis of cerebral tumour, gave an unfavourable pro-

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— Operation ought to be very Slowly Performed : Dangers of rapid perform-

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than in the fact that it has been going on for a con-

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matter of no small importance, for several deaths that

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and endo-cardium are not unfrequently the seat of inflam-

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a chair, and was observed by his housekeeper to place one hand on

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albuminous injections ; or, if a more rapid result be desired, employ

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fellowship to a man solely because his therapeutic views were

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means the reader would have been afforded the advantage of

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spinal apparatus is necessary to the functional efficiency

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Yet interesting and instructive as these facts and inferences may

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ether, and the application of cold compresses to the head. On

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He was able to walk with the help of an arm on each side.

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very beautiful and large one, which passed through the different

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Dr. Dbtsdale reported having concluded the revision of the

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garden being favourable for the growth (medical characteristics,

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When I set myself to study whooping-cough, I quickly perceive

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stand at 101°. The dotted lines show the maxima of

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Four months afber the operation the patient could retain

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added to the comfort of the patients, but has necessarily caused

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the respiratory organs and those associated with aniemia

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under treatment at different hospitals since the incision



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