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and the operation exceptionally difficult and protracted.

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velum interpositum and fornix, the latter being torn.

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The fortieth annual report of this institution presents a grati-

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effect has not followed until the morning, and then tbe

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the book, Playfair's Science and PraeUce of Midwifery^ which

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destined to have a brilliant career, the stadium of con-

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The apex beat was in the 6th space, and 4J in. from the

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symptoms, would perhaps be no more contagious than a cow-pock.

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the successful candidates for that honour at Hahnemann

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tions at the Beginning of an Attack. — Characters of the Eruption. — Des

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nutritious slops, like well-made beef-tea, chicken or mutton

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calendula as well as saffron have been used from the time

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hands and feet. In a young woman, whom we had as a patient in

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able with great effort to drag the toe of one foot about three

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disturbance without appreciable lesion of the brain. We all form a

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a yalnable Library of HonuBopathic Publieations, which Xedioal Xen are invited to

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hope that by an early use of ainmlo the need for operative

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adding to our Materia Medica pure and carefully-noted

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which the germ is committed, are not always the same. Under

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nothing abnormal in the aspect of the case. At the visit-hour the

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the direction of the model I have sketched. If we do

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consulted physicians, next gave the homoeopathists a

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1875 Whipham, Thomas Tillyer, M.B., Physician to, and Lec~

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slightly painful, the slan moved easily over it, and there were

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vagina is quite a late feature in comparative embryology.

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whether distinct or confluent. In place of showing a tendency to

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having remained about the size of an ordinary hen's egg

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some statistics coUect-ed by Drs. Hiuris and Sanger,

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Hot linseed meal poultices had been applied frequently. UpoD

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Elongation op the Uvula as a cause op Labyngismus. —

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In these conditions physical manipulations occupy a

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an accurate account of what is seen in all cases. Indeed, I have

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always cold, but bathed in perspiration. There was absolute

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