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abdomen, and gave bell. ^ and ars. alb. 8x as medicines.
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The author, in a work of over three hundred pages, has given
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Dr. Allen's bibliography is always the first I consult, and
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at about 68°F. by means of a fire. Of course the cot
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In an address " On the simulation of Hysteria by Organic
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few pupils, and even in the clinical wards on the days when there
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the means advised by them to be employed in the treatment
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Monthly. Philadelphia. June. — The Homisopathie Physician, Phila-
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1858 Wardell, John Richard, M.D., Calverley park, Tunbridge
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In the fij-st place, the view of Cohnheim labours under the serious
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communicated pressure from the contents of the cavity.
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EngHsh language might have been a great deal better spelt
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observer, a practical Physician, and a labourer in the
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Hydrastis and sanguinaria and by the local application
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spective of other distinctive characteristics drawn from the general
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preparation of the older ointments of the shops. — Burgoyne't
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the abdominal girth occurs. This last sign under such con-
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know of no name in the ranks of scientific medical inquiry
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organs, all apparently of equal value, which by the ordinary
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you your way through a complicated case — ^though it is,
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the first time in this patient's life of the art of breathing,
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and with no pain on passing urine. Arnica was given
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Teldham, Gninness and Douglas Moir (Manchester), and
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inch and three quarters of nerve was thus removed. The
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The Coroner — ^I am not here to listen to a discussion
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on the one hand chronicity, and on the other, a tendency to returns
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1 See experiments by Glax and Klemenslewicz, ' Sitzungsberichte d.
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each). She became very cyanosed, and felt ** abnost intoxi-
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said to have created a great sensation at the time.
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denial at times, but he felt sure that it was a work which
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more apparent than real. He always observed, he says, that
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rhage were confused and confounded. Authorities, such
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calcarea and its iodide have each their sphere of action



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