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The second part of the sentence has only a false appearance of

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tion to assume the appearance of a culpable curiosity. The fallen

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that alone. But surgical and other means may be quite

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seemed to act most beneficially. In about fourteen hours she

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eight-and-twenty, where recovery after a time was almost

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On May 31st she was getting about a little by herself,

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and defective as regards tactile sensibility. Animals in

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interesting addition to the already Ikrge number of specimens

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tration of a drug could be accounted for on the grounds

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entertained to luncheon, and afterwards photographed on tibe

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whereas those within the area remained fixed." Again, " Another im-

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emptied by means of the aspirator and the patient did well.

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in execution. It was well deserving of their most seiioos

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1849 Norman, Henry Burford, Portland Lodge, Southsea,

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spine. I would particularly call attention to the fact that

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(i.e., 1,000,000 grs.) and not a fraction of it has acted,

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in any way connected with syphilis or tuberculosis, nor with

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situation is probably grave: and if a continuous rise

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no special import if after this time it tends to diminish.

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gist enforced by examples derived from articular cartilage and the

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to jjrevent, if possible, the extension of the false membrane, to

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seen cases in which the eruption did not appear till during the

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have their co-relatives in physiological functions. What is the dif-

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from the removal of immature senile cataracts. He thought

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severally engage in, — and that in doing so, assistance is really

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on the chin. The bridge of the nose appears thickened.

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terval of three months has elapsed. He has taken much medicine,

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the two diaphragms he used a deal rod. This invention

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posed upon another. The membrane thus formed is in general

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nature of the disease ; when it is necessary in a man who has cough,

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the left one was gone through, a dark-looking place was

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Slept well. Lies very quiet. Cough slight, but inclined

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senting changes which did not belong to either of these

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of nerve fibre. Only in their distal segments are the nerv9



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