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mind. When the anasarca is accompanied by a real febrile reaction
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branes at this time, and the babe wa^ bom the second pain»
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Pressed by the coroner to say whether Dr. Croucher had
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which, compared with its separate constituents, is power-
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Nearly aJl diseases of the brain cause exaggeration of the
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Pathology at, Charing Cross Hospital ; Assistant- Phy-
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though in the last instance the dosage is increased con^
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on the eighth day, and the day after this a characteristic
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very drowsy, with feelings of prostration, soon followed
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£19 8s. Id. The two sets of old Repertories were purchased
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oranges and lemons rapidly ripening in large quantities
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Dr. Broadbent, in his address on Therapeutics at the
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On December 4th, at 10 p.m., he vomited some blood,
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xmdertaking the defence of Dr. Ringer in having introduced
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doses. Within a month of taking the iodide he was, to all appear-
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terrible forms of that frightful disease which carry off both adults
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The library contains 6,400 volimies available for the use of
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^ Sprengel : — llistoire de la Medecine ; traduite de rallemand, par A. J-



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