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Solicitor-General, barristers, members of the side bar,

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neous affection suggested to that able physician an opinion which I

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made at Alfort and Eambouillet, to inoculate cows with cow-pox,

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■which abound on the surface of the tonsils. They never cohere

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remains the bronchial catarrh, the constant companion of morbillous

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metric cases have been very frequent in his experience. A

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he describes as diphtherite appears to have prevailed very exten-

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Parallelism between the Course of Temperature and the Evolution of the

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periodic examination of the m-ine, extending over many

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Income Tax, to the due employment of Benevolent Funds,

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By JoHK V. Shoemaker, A.M., M.D., Professor of Mat.

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acute cerebral congestion derivative treatment is employed —

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and leave our patient to choose his own remediiJ path. We

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in other countries, the clergy are conspicuous among the

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on the nerve of a decayed tooth. The pain not only stayed

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style, that an ordinary reader will thoroughly enjoy it, and find

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tli^que Ilomosopathique. Paris. — Bulletin Gen^ralc de ThSrapevtique,

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natives of Africa. — Cfiermst and Di-uggist, _____^

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Spanish language to enable him to pass the examination

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was never able to produce more than a simple inflammation in those

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with whom I have conversed, that although an allopath

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the parties are quahfied medical practitioners, and that one

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he did not come in contact with any cases after the above

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case, employing no treatment until well-marked symptoms

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mission of the great-pox by vaccination is a fact which now seems

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more favourable conditions than a primary one. He related

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no one would have divined from the pathogenesis." This

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all fingers but the first of the right hand ; fingers still

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a small pulse, a fetor of the breath exhaling from mouth and nose,

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Dr. Newberry, from Canada, and Surgeon Deane, of the Army

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the floor; that that position being maintained for some few minutes,

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T. 101°. 11 a.m., T. 100.2°. P. 108. R. 86. 2 p.m.,

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declare that internal medicines are useless because they

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as to let anyone see that it was not merely an Index of tte

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favourable to the development of cow-pox. Infants with hereditary

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strikingly progressive instead of being regressive. The

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properties of the tissue, for a time oppressed and disturbed, return



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