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readers through the public press, and our space being limited,

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by his colleagues, who bled most resolutely with a view to subdue

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Hydrastis in Uterine Hemorrhages. — Two years ago

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•chapters admirably. Another chapter, valuable to the doctor,

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he took an active part in its proceedings ; and, at the

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till the evening or next morning, than to shatter a patient already

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more in consequence of the neglect of the practice of re-vaccination,

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pelvic cavity, and none that required the application

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students of medicine and surgery belonging to any medical

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months, and in the wards of an hospital, has studied tubercular

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ditions for which he was iU-prepared or altogether imsuitable. I

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within the sight of those who require enhghtenment. They

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New York for London in 1865, and remained amongst us

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after and aiming at. Any other basis for prescribing —



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