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occipital. M. Foramen magnum. E.o. Ex-occipital. B. Basi-
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church. Was very deaf as a child " from her throat,"
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With this view I venture to bring before the Society a
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the fever continued. There were five or six successive eruptions.
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By far the most interesting portion of Prof. Shoemaker's
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time I have no doubt many of your readers will have ample
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he left the hospital, '' the subject of severe mercurial saliva-
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and discuss the question of the influence of our old
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Peruvian balsam as inhalation, spray, etc., and internally in
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the former (Brush, Arch, of Ped,, July). In Australia and
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all the time. The lip then became darker in colour, and
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ultimately celebrated ' Surgeon's Yade Mecum.' Of this
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Marshal MacMahon had already advanced considerably, was be-
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larynx, and eventually general convulsions. Bemoval of the
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total absence of breath- sounds from the affected base ; and
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sneezing.*' I have not myself seen a single case in
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Bisulphide of Carbon. — Th^ Laneet (May 24th) states that
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good, or even more complete. Rhythm somewhat irregular. 3 Digitaline, 1
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plan of the British Repertory, and these were very important
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in the investigation of any subject that came xmder his notice.
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