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Unjury Protein Soup

1884 Stonham, Charles, Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy at
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pursue a train of thought and to express ideas in coherent and
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prior administration of nitrous oxide ; or ether may be safely
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** Gentlemen, — It is a pl^sure to me not only to have the
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pressure of the finger. I have never seen these tumours pass into a
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and two mosques have been built for their religious
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qualities in passing outwards."* It is fortunate, because
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the white female. When the black female stands erect, the
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but could not lift, being thus more affected than the
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medicine must be gone through, and that would take a very
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required ; and the perplexed operator, hesitating between
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in a loose manner, to diseases which are either tedious
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by the finger, to reappear when that pressure is removed : they
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peculiarities noticed may vary with the epidemic, the



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