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of bryonia Sx, for constipation ; she is up and about the house

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1868 Nicholls, James, M.D., 68, Duke street, Chelmsford, Essex.

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the course of an acute affection, we at once explain it by invoking

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In 1867, nine years later, Professor Cohnlieim, also of Berlin,

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(A ^0 *^ IfOOO grammes (1 qt.) of cod liver oil, 1 dessert-

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Pertussis. — ^The plan recommended by Naegeli for cutting

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This preliminary condition being achieved, a glass plate sufficiently

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rapidity and fury which I could only imagine in a hot

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They saw in it the promise of better things in time to come.

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The sphincters were under the patient's control. The

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II to Chart I, showing the diurnal fluctuation with the

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pheral resistance you could never whip up blood-pressure

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stationary, and when I started again it began to decrease,

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cines. It is the record of such cases which constitutes

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ican be made at one desired point for an indefinite time with-

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insufficiently cleared of debris, the temperature chart

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arises from certain individuals having been free from contact for a

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sheep, analogous to small-pox in the human species. Fifteen or

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right ear, but hitely has had no more head attacks ; she eujoys good

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winters, in Paris, during which time he attended his poor

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this wonderful country, destined to be more and more resorted

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purpose bringing forward, at the coming Congress, the subject

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he should address himself and Dr. Dudgeon. But he had

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nasal passages in these cases. He refers to the admirable



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