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New York, May. — The Medical Record. New York. April and May,

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The Chairbian suggested that Messrs. Gould be asked to

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operators said to the nurses after concluding his task,

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present funds of the Society £19 IBs. Id. In consequence of

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to forward to him the proceeds of any entertainments I get up

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As he was feverish, Aeon. Ix gttj was given in alternation

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last year we drew attention to the method of revision proposed

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to carefully work out the detail of homoeopathic pro-

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presenting the Bill, and of defending it before the House.

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The symptoms of this inflammation might be slight, hardly

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" I have been thus particular in describing the portrait, for I

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which I am able to set forth in the following brief

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was indicated at both bases behind, by retraction of the

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ments and BQsiness cammnnioatioiis to be sent to Henrs. £. Gould ft Sov, 60,

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the amount of ready money at their disposal, but rather upon the

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wounded men, well finished, well horsed, and in no way inferior in



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