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strongly when we examine them more minutely, comparing chicken-

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blocking of one of the larger bronchi. He preferred antim. tan,

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in homoeopathy or not. He also spoke as chairman of the

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the outer surface of the external pterygoid plate, and

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Migland Medical Gazette, Boston. May and June. — Tweniy-Jifth

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London Hospital ; 78, Harley street, Cavendish square.

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is pus ; but if this is not the case, you have to do with blood

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more definite conclusions about it, the name of influenza,

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its greatest activity. Parents themselves often notice

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of rational practice.*' Here, therefore, is the crux of the whole

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** directed consciousness," exerts over the body, more particu-

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various sections of the Christian Church ; and if the

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The honorary secretary, Mr. J. M. Wybom, having read

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the Homipopathic Jmu-nal of OhstetHcs, an interesting compari-

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of the parts specially inyolved, massage, bat ohiefest of all,

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in the night, because his bed clothes were often found much dis-

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and although very irritating are believed to be salubrious

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ulcer may appear on the fraenimi linguae, showing that

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assume a rectangular relation to the uterine axis, the

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is probably artificial, for in most specimens no such con-

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to the articular pains, and tried to subdue them by giving prepara-

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peritoneal cavity are never the source of extra-uterine

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attempts to inoculate man from the horse. At last, he succeeded in

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met with in any other serious disease. We can suppose, then, that

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done. I at once admit that paracentesis of the chest will save the

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the gastric symptoms from an early period assume such

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tendency, if unchecked, to pass into the more serious condition of

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under treatment at different hospitals since the incision

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for the better took place in all the conditions, and more

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him somewhat briskly. But in the majority of cases, do what you

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A case of gangrene of the lung following necrosis of the

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year, render it impossible for any but a very few European

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fall short of the thigh and wander into the pelvis or force

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