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in all the medical schools. (Applause.) Very recently tbej

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femoral artery in the thigh was obliterated. I decided to

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those of Perche and Berry, are well acquainted with this treatment,'

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been generated and had grown to the folly developed

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but there was disproportionate rapidity of the pulse, which

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3. It is also impossible by any localised cortical lesion

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the face are not navel-shaped, those on the body begin to flatten

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the patients were young women between twenty and twenty-three

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the other children of the family were sent entirely away from

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equally necessary function of extrusion of the ovum and

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seriousness of the case, is beyond the resources of the empiric.

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invasion- stage of which continues three days, the pustules appearing

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ovaries have little or nothing to do with menstruation ;

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delirium — ataxic symptoms which as a rule increase in severity up

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case, in which the author was consulted by the experimenter,

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entitling to recognition as a medical school, namely, 120 beds,

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All of you, after some months' experience, by adopting a formula

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2 to 4 o'clock, at 49, Seymour Street, Portman Square, W.

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must have existed from all time. Although Hahn has laboriously

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it was soon superseded in fovour of a wax cylinder.

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therefore some of the contents of an abscess are undoubtedly such

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brother the night of June 1st. There had also been no

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Dr. J. RoBEBSON Day, Dr. Dudgeon, Dr. Habpbb, Dr. Bubfobb,

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the necessary funds had been provided, not by laymen, but by

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It is possible that the bubbles of air in the medias-

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a large bundle or plane of fibres, which have a longitudinal

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Francis Henry Wilson lies, of Watford, Herts, died in



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