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the infra-orbital canal to act as a guide. The anterior

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first place, there is a tendency to sleep ; and still more frequeutly,

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When your clinical studies are more advanced, when you can

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the nature of some of the re-actions which take place in the living

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Schiissler's " Biochemic theory." The editors of this, the

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yoke ; exercise your mind and judgment, and compel yourselves to

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circulation, and given rise to occlusion in some cases, to

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might well drink their healths, and congratulate them upon

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to the left side of the body. The patches were described

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affecting them, as regards age, education, position, or

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)leura suffice for the absorption of the effused fluid and the accom-

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during micturition ; it is of a pricking character,

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statement, and Darwin fully confirmed the conclusions

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or two she was liable to these attacks of haematuria, they

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ranunadMS b. </> and nttx vom. 3 in alternation.

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refer you to such books as " Hecker's Epidemics of the

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disease from hospitals and dispensaries elsewhere, and he

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form of an emulsion with olive oil, water or liquid vaseUne, it

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siology and Ophthalmology at the University of Utrecht.

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of thirty-three cases of true croup, i.e. laryngitis with exudation, a

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Notes of the signs of returning life in a deeply asphyx-

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experiment the power of imparting to his sheep a very sHght attack

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erroneous theory. His malady was in my opinion due to cerebral

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The patient became very cross and irritable, and on

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the papilla for the united bile and pancreatic duct. P. Pylorus.

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fluent natural small-pox, at the coming out of the eruption, salivation

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expectoration of tenacious ropy mucus voided with difficulty,

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especially, to be fully prepared for this time, to be exact and

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