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times, put in a claim for the inventions and improve-

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Senior Physician to the Hospital for Sick Children ;

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on the digitalis group), we can hardly accept this state-

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and honest, and conducive to the benefit of humanity. There

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that ** the effects of directed consciousness are greatly increased

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hospital, modem, convenient and central, which should

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firom especially the history of sudden onset, and the normal

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bright red colour, the subjacent tissues are hard, and examination by

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that in a certain number of patients convalescent from scarlatina,

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The appetite is usually voracious, the patient craves sour

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and Physician to University College Hospital ; Phy-

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period of service at the Children's Hospital, I so often found such

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Tar be it from me to argue that Jenner was not the discoverer

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La complete transverse lesions of the cord, Bastian says

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yet made out the exact nature of the disease of the horse, which,

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the blood, which immediately closed the aperture thus formed."*

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It was Buch a schema that I advocated and illustrated

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inference that ninety-nine persons out of a hundred, who read



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