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gitis was only the precursor. Besides,though the treatment may not

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any English writer alludes to the disease under the new name.

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To tl(£ Editors oftJie** Monthly Homaopathic Review.**

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Fever Hospital. On leaving there was a discharge from

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at the beginning of July. Desquamation was not completed till

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Multiplicity of Eorms. — Cutaneous and Mucous Exanthemata. — Physiological

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information as regards the utility of this valuable class of

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Hutchinson read a communication discouraging the operation

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the course of thirty-one years ; and from the inoculation of the two

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fatal. I must insist upon this point, as inattention to it will cause

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treating false croup, similar to that which I recommended to you :

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exact index of the progress of the fever ; thus, after having risen to

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a fly, a gnat, a moth, or any other small insect in a

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purgation was unnecessary, and bleeding was destructive ; that

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some milk and alum-water, and vomited ; but immediately

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These paragraphs, selected from Dr. Peacock's work,

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so as to be visible to all the members present. The specimens



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