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It will exact courage — courage to be always Dr. Jekyl and

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you suppose that Lavoisier, Pourcroy, BerthoUet, and Dumas — do

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article in The Speaker, written by Sir Henry Koscoe,

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subject to anxiety. I can but think that if he had been treated at

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and Dr. Goodhart. After discussing the subject the con-

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General Hospital, and that is often used for special cases, such

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the B.H.P. (unless quite freshly made), as I find 5 per cent,

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ness. These symptoms are explained by the affection of the larynx,

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Contractility in the fully -differentiated organism, we find

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hand a sensation of the sharpest and most pungent heat. The ther-

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entire, but only when the latter has been removed by the occurrence

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He advises beginning with the 8x or 6x triturations, and

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opening being low down in the trachea, the air and mucus



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