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drains, and under his effective treatment the results of

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has a germicidal effect upon pyogenic microbes and no influ-

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associated with language in any theory known to me.

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who have only had sore throat or anasarca to be in the midst of

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has pursued its later policy of securing for the Hospital that

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Bepertory to the whole ** Materia Medica " of homoeopathy in

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pains about the margins of the ribs ; the disease attacking

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the chest, after which he lost consciousness. Afterwards he

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yet the mistake has been so often made, not only in former times,

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case with motion. For the patient gradually recovered

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victim of hereditary consumption were to be sent out to

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mind, and of its organ the brain ; take away its stimulus,

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venient and before the formation of pus. He has a record of

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amputation through the lower third of the thigh is not a

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remedies. In their fii'st rank stand ammonia, and its preparations

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homoeopath may hope for a cure in all but a few dis-

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cactus is original, but he introduces it in a sufficiently skilfully

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Some little time afterwards I was sent for late at night to see two

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existence of scarlatinous albuminuria. It is rarer in confluent small-

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which came from Campo-Basso : it was slightly coloured with blood

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and accessorius nerves. This is one of the many examples of pain

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malignant growths? Dr. Rutherford believes it does,

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fied by development in the organism of the cow, so as to lose its

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All we do know — and happily it is enough for all practical

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then- practical use, and has called forth a considerable

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cal change, but to a contraction of the normal coat of



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