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which follows the use of this drug without serious eSeets.
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resulting in death. Cerebral haemorrhage proved by post-mortem ex-
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of symptoms ; 8rd, in regard to the pathological value
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<X)nveyed to a house in the country by a gentleman who
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ally crop up, but usually do well, and chest diseases of a
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^used. The perineum was a little lacerated but nothing of any
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I have already told you that there are other more serious forms ;
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The selection of vaccinal lymph is, therefore, a matter of great
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that it was the ulna nerve that was affected. I examined
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symptom is so little prominent that it escapes attention
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ference, although, no doubt, there will occasionally be cases
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some worms in the intestines. I have carefully observed and
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The motion that the Index include the various sources
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Physician'' s Diary and Case Book for 1890. Eeene & Ashwell.
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and sweated fairly well for an hour or two. Bowels open
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could be as good as that which all have adopted. Generally, people
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mental capacity, indeed it seems as if my memory was better,
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homoeopathy and its importance to sick and suffering humanity
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case of phthisis. There is a patient in the hospital at
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rously ; and homoeopathy would then flourish, so far as writing
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tion of problems in physiology by the fortuitous experi-
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mena which we recognise as mental unsoundness, not necessarily
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irregular, varying from 13 to 16 beats per ten seconds ;
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after it had commenced, when she was in great suffering.
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result of removal of only a portion. No one would think
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at which he hoped to be present, they would all meet with a
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in alcohol, and I have no hesitation in assigning this as
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firmed by Dr. Moir, and to hear from him how much he
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general rule that, in whatever part of the body decomposing
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taline. The solution strength was a one per-cent. of the
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passage through the cartilaginous structures of the larynx.
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follow all the movements of the disease. I saw members of the
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adults ; the regressive paralysis of Dr. Barlow, which is
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Cerebral and Nervous Complications.— Sore Throat complicated wiih Diph'
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1 BoTJiLLAXJD : — Traite Clinique du llLumatisme Articulaire. Paris, 1840.
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there is frequently more than one action of a pulpy con-
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tesimal is the wear and tear in reproducing the sounds,
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determines the direction taken by the injurious effects of
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us that there is ample room out there for several medical men
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iary treatment " often contains useful hints, and the chief
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menstruation did not cease after oophorectomy a small
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mology, a subject in which he takes the greatest delight ; he
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patient to submit to a surgical operation for the reUef of
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detected; and an error in diagnosis as to its real nature might
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LiEBio, Jr., Ph.D., and Gbo. H. RohA, M.D. Profusely
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neuritis following enteric fever, small pox. Here the absent
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only be explained by a great disturbance and a very impaired
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1872 Tomes, Charles S., B.A., F.R.S., Lecturer on Anatomy and
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months the patient had been taking thirty and then later
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Multiple Tubercular Tumours in ax Infant. — S. John
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But he felt that he had trespassed too far upon their attention
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six or forty-eight hours, are filled with a lactescent fluid.
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business in Birmingham is carried on by his nephew, Mr. Ed-



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