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I pass round the temperature chart (No. 1) of a child of

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the vesicular papules begin to contain a milk-like fluid; next day

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information as is necessary for their intelligent use. To the

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tically, but as the whole abscess cavity was rendered septic

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nal wall as a mechanical obstacle to cure, I may mention

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I generally order J to 3^ of a grain every one or two

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were not to be used without reference to the totality of the

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sweats, her temperature ranged from 100 to 104, she was

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the inflammation, or they sink exhausted by the suppuration. Those

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broad ligament haBmatocele, and will probably last three,

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meaning individual symptoms, not the totality of symp-

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The fingers smart very much, and when warm in bed the

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considerations clearly prove that verolette — for this also is a name

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can support himself on his feet. As the paralysis advances

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recovered, or imtil they have had a good look round



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