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February 1st. — Is free from pain, but seems to be get-

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the diagnosis. The physical signs, together with the

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known as fibrine is derived from the content matter of the cor-

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The difference in distribution is, that it extends to the

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some of the ganglion cells appeared unusually large and

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the mouth during sleep. He agreed that carbonate of ammonia

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croup in this light, but I have now very strong reason to believe

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rest. Any pus that may form can be immediately evacu-

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In a third case seen with Dr. Marcus Allen at Brighton,

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Magazine of Pharmacy, London. Jan. — Tin* Xoiih American Jimmal

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that prolonged rest in bed is followed by improvement

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cordially do we sympathise with our colleague and his family

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leg, was seized with symptoms of influenza, in a few days he



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