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of lung, emphysema and dilated bronchi, broncho-pneu-

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1852 Davies, William, M.D., 2, Marlborough buildings, Bath.

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recently passed, and which were so palpable during the period of

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tetrical purposes — are widely different in the two cities.

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otlier predominates; judging from the yellow appearance of

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only did animals when kept alive require a large amount of food,

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it appears on the mucous lining of the mouth, pharynx, and nose.

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Aldrich) where the literature was very much more extensive

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exceptional circumstances syphiHs can be inoculated from secondary

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homoeopaths have thought £t to thrust themselves into ihe

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held up to the light it is of a clear rich claret colour.

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suffering in no respect whatever from her previous ailment.

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increasing from one to even four degrees above normal. There

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as that adopted by Bering in his Materia Medica and

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cases without unpleasant effects, and had continued this dose

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lutely unobjectionable in case of failure of union. The

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cations of the Eruptive Stage, and of the Last Stage.

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spHt, and the linear areas bared by spHtting opposed. The

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either smooth or regular, for the same may be done with the •

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fi'om that homogeneous form which accompanies true inflammatory



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