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eruption appeared, and terminated in desquamation. In the father,

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the swelling of the face, although far from having attained its maxi-

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abdominal aorta distally, the hinder half of the body alone

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Antifebbin (Lancet, M&y 24). — A healthy, young, married

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repeat a proposition I have already carefully established, that this is

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regions and the lower extremities, but neither hyper-

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He employed cold affusions with a certain measure of success i]

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surface is very different from herpes on the skin. Small-pox mani-

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irritation set up a reflex neurosis, causing — 1. Engorgement

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scream and lasting about a quarter of an hoar each.

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Series. The first 207 pages are devoted to an exhaustive

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mathematics, and having arrived at a perfect knowledge of al

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cannot be foreseen, and of which the most experienced practitioner

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of digitalis in obstructing the circulation and the rapidity

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to recognise the affection. The eruption consists in pustules on the

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how much the various existing Medical Associations must

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effects of increased vascularity are produced similar to those seen in

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illustrated by many beautifally mounted specimens. A short

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British Association, 1890, as reported in the British

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Dr. William Gemmbll, of the City of Glasgow Fever Hospital,

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example of the power that very minute quantities of a

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He died on the 15th of last May, in the sixty-ninth year

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:'^ rectness. ^^ Looking about, Edison, seeing one of his

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and propagate homoeopathy tiiroughout the length and



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