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clinical observations may be unable to carry rigid con-

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I contrast this case with the following one, in which blood-

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spoken — suppurations which invade the cellular tissue of the limbs,

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The swelling is greatest on the sixth day of the eruption, when also,

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on on the eighth day, and lasted about a fortnight. In the

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synthetically. I have chosen this specimen as it is the best

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of prolonged steriHty after a confinement, with amenorrhcBa

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also in the country, where no homoeopathic practitioner is

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v.^O On the other hand, Spallanzani tried to prove by equally

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house, as it was termed; so in this peculiar kind of

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the lung. Neither does the history present any other indi-

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emergency treated at the Dispensary last year. This branch

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1872 Beverley, Michael, M.D., Assistant Surgeon to the Nor-

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I should be sorry to have to repeat to you discussions which,

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eruption lasts^ and even after it has disappeared. They come on

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It should be made at the lowest part of tliis depression, and

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stances, and had never met with any appreciable alterations in the

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plaint, and, as I can testify from actual conversation with some dis-

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of urine passed, and the skin would hardly act at all in

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connected account of the disease. This I am now able to

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purport. His animus against homoeopathy is at least

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never had any acute specific disease except whooping

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is to some extent restricted by several practical objections, as being

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was cut short and the sac dropped into the scrotum. The

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diagnosis between Diphtheria and other affections of the tonsils

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plained of great lassitude. The patient gradually got well

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not been seen in California. Unfortunately, there is every reason to

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affections never occurred simultaneously, but always

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"Hill," which is the fashionable quarter, and is very

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taining what is trustworthy, and rejecting, without

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Dr. Stancomb, in a felicitous speech, proposed : '< Success

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then he moved his lips and jaws. He still continued

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Honorary one. Applications, stating qualifications, must be sent in to

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St. James's Hall; after performing a variety of incanta-

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Lecturer on Forensic Medicine at, the Middlesex Hos-

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abdominal and ophthalmic surgery (because of its liabiUty to

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tion-^as not attributable to the epilepsy itself, but seem to



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