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that produced by mitral regurgitant disease, and also there

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science, by showing that like the sciences it is founded upon

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most valuable contributions to its treatment are perhaps those

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that haemorrhagic hue which does not disappear under pressure of

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perfectly stable. No one dreams of doubting or regards

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felt a numbness down his left side ; he got up next day quite well

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pathology, chemistry, and the like, much remains to be done, and

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ence known by the sore throat prior to the appearance of the cuta-

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would not have died I Sequah himself could not beat this for

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only cases known to have occurred in England, and were

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operating, removal of appendages for actual disease is

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was received into my wards. On her admission, I had her put into

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the control of the physician. The question is, has it been so ?

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The general pustular eruption of which I have just spoken, and

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his experiments several times without success, using matter taken

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to take hold of our case. First in importance are moral,



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