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Transverse section of a single Transverse section of a

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peritoneal cavities where the greatest opportunity is offered a

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they say that one is organic matter without vitality, while the other

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Society for seventeen years. He was, for a time, Surgeon

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support. The knee jerks are still increased, though

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the consequence of severe internal inflammation experi-

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of stasis. The blood corpuscles are seen to be collected in

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few lessons from a public magnetiser, went to stay in a

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accompanied with an ache, came again ; and as time passed

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the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Oraiond street ;

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blessing'? For example, given in intussusception of the

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supplied in the most promiscuous, and I must add often

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whose case I shall recall to your recollection, when we come to con-

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health and strength are nearly regained. I ordered him

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will sometimes elapse before scarlatina has attacked all the members,

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recurrence from time to time of the most troublesome

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or else post-nasal disease frequently complicates the case.

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capable of effecting the change than if introdaced as

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lungs, back and front, were involved, the resonance on

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1. Lay the child on its back, with the head hanging



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