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the hands, feet, fore-arms, and lower part of the legs, they remain
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was ossification of the femoral artery, and there could be
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gave it in the 8rd. ; and with all deference to Mr. Wybom,
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tion. A patient, admitted into St. Mary's Hospital for
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think it due to you to inform you what the result has
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view, the right angle of the mouth being at the same
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it then rose, and in January was, 4th, 26.5 ; 11th, 32.3 ;
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subject of this paper, partly on account of their intrinsic
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marked epigastric pulsation was only observed with the
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multiplication, and so constitute some of those swellings -wliicli we
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his' duty best by restricting himself to observing and directing the
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worked much in hot rooms. Has had smallpox, typhoid
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as ophthalmic complaints, &c., and it is difficult for patients
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of a patient suffering from chronic bronchitis, with
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1877 Whitmore, William Tickle, 7, Arlington street, Piccadilly.
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malignant growths? Dr. Rutherford believes it does,
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abscess which so generally precedes it that Dr. Burnett would
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to estabhsh in Hobart a homoeopathic hospital. The number
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posed to adopt for their consideration, and the following
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1862 Beale, Lionel Smith, M.B., F.R.S., Professor of the
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clearly. Dr. Blackley saw her with me in consultation.
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excitable temperament, a fall dose of alcohol acts as a seda-
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fossa in question marks the spot where the trabeculse
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personally subscribed, but has expressed his intention to
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children of tuberculous and gouty parents arc born predisposed to
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cured by the external use of calendula. This might have



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