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whose dis^osis was completely upset by the post mortem

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to that which forms the subject of this paper. Eeference

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We think that considerable exception wiU be taken to the

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bear any pressure, so that the food no doubt is soon

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London ; 40, Harley street, Cavendish square. Referee,

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pathlc Recorder. Philadelphia. Jan., 1890. — The Medical Counsellor.

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transversely grooved one. The fingers were at times cold and

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Assistant Physioian to the Gynsecologioal Department at the London

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to have caused strangulation. No operation was performed,

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both in the blood and lymph vessels. The pain is one of

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and it degenerates ; the tissues change and we change

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The Clinigue. Chicago. May. — The Medical Advance. Ann Arbor.



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