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c. The posterior part of the claustrum, together with a
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Dr. Hart's original work entitled Treatise on Diseases of the
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geneous films, which must be regarded as simple cohesion-mem-
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wards. The weight is seen to rest on the back of his
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^ Sprengel : — llistoire de la Medecine ; traduite de rallemand, par A. J-
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25th. — Cough is better. She has ceased to expecto-
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Jan. 2nd, 8.80 am. — Still perspiring heavily; free
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in order to render the mouth and upper air-passages
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middle third of the septum supplied by the naso-palatine
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amount of work done. The committee intend to open beds
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•explanation for the second child being attacked, excepting on
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extreme skill and care with which they were treated in the
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its modifications), which produces the greatest amount of
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again a small quantity of food satisfies and causes discomfort.
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within the domain of empiricism, until they can, at a later date, be
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the child was to be discharged he developed an attack of
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Mcdicin, Bd. xlvi., p. 409. Miss L., eat. 21, caught cold
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deposited phosphates. The amount of urea excreted at
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grenous affections. On the other hand, the French writers wlio
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and confounding the letters ; he sees them, and can copy
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Received October 20th, 1883— Read February 26th, 1884.
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in 1 8:^1. According to the report of M. Cerioli, there were thus
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sized syphon trocar and ultimately measured 4J gallons,
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zinc, corrosive sublimate, and solutions of potassa, soda, and am-
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pathy in England, if not in the world) has peculiar and
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1864 Barratt, Joseph Gillman, M.D., 8, Cleveland gardens,
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students of homoeopathy to the advantages and superiority of
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article in the Medical Times and Gazette some years ago said
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in contact, and by no possibility can they become applied. From this
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marked prodromata. Last Thursday, 9th, fell ill ; had
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condition of both feet became more marked, the whole



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