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not been exaggerated ; that the first sensations of a painful
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ing the hygienic and dietetic treatment of a case, and in
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receive their friends in that place at the annual Congress.
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the quack not infrequently plays his dangerous pranks by
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this certainly is a reason for proving it, but none for
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see, each of these affections may be, and often is,
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of Homwopathy. New York. Dec. — Tlic American Jhmaopathist^
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in the economy, the greatest exchange between the effete elements
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the shepherd of IVacastor : but nevertheless, we know what is meant
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reality the condition was not so good and the child
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In this case are. iod. 3x was given three times daily.
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however, the smaUer waves are often numerous and are
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exceptional cases. Small-pox, natural and modified, are, therefore,
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Cooper's remarks about diving. He never found his hearing
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and occasionally there was less of the peculiar discharge,
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for so doing must be the vast importance of the subject, and
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** Mrs. S— , age about 56, suffered several days from an
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therefore only reiterate his actoiowledgments of the hearty
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large head so deliniated is conspicuous. It was published
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"Ambulances" were on some occasions made show places more
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and in many ways these cases make one think at once
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the deep-seated otitis, with its associated caries of the mastoid cells
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If, now, we review the various theories which have been -pvo-
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pitals and dispensaries having special claims upon them are
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watery in character. Abdomen the same. Tongue white,
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pelvic cavity, and none that required the application
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amputate by ecraseur. A clean surface is thus left,
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fulfil the terms of Mr. Temple's offer. (Applause.)
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October 3rd, 1882. — I performed the following operation :
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Bristowe, in a very elaborate Report on the " Morbid Anatomy of
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The HomoBopathio Yade Meoom of Modem Medicine and Snrgery.
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the tongue dry and black, and the breath extremely offensive.
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succeeded in effecting considerable inspiration, a cannula
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own, and that, if we have not given much of a judgment, we have
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nurses, and an excellent lady superintendent, and although



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