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difficult to cure speedily, although chloroform inhalations

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The drawings represent the spinal column, thorax, and

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apparently the first observers that attempted to make

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ever much may be the help he 'can derive from him in

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secondary variolous eruption in the distinct form. A third child

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be done in the private services, and in the clinical wards upon

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biliary matter. He suffered all night and sent for a local prac-

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from not washing to dry up the milk of nursing cows. But other

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of all sympathy with tibe tactics adopted by unqualified

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remedies" are valuable agents. Unprejudiced observers

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action of the digestive juices. This material increasing

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sphere of action, unimpeded by anything immediately in

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the records of cases of poisoning, gives us an amount of

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against swimming lengthways with the shore when the

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eighty-five of the re-vaccinated, the pocks ^vere modified : they

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(3) That Dij^htheria may be developed on the skin when any

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1854 Garrod, Alfred Baring, M.D., F.R.S., Consulting Phy-

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that, in view of the presence of the Russian epidemic, the

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amesthesia, the gircfle sensation, motor enfeeblement, rigidity

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impossible to separate " symptoms" from the ** pathological

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donations there are many medical men, both in London and

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cases which they have met with ; but the clinical, and

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than in any previous year, the total amounting to 830.

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to my disappointment and consternation that the cyst

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shine resplendent upon the canvass of Van Dyck, and the Madonnas

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not uncommon. But convulsions in scarlatina have a much more

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udder and teats of the affected animal, having a great resemblance to

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