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The raising of this considerable sum within the limited time
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The subjects of this malady experience an almost over-
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my views are somewhat heterodox on the subject. I may observe
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to have recovered its power by the next day. No other treatment
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tude for receiving or developing the virus of small-pox or cow-pox,
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in recipes for economical and dainty cooking ; treats of
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cavity, which was 9 centimetres in depth, was thoroughly
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the Liverpool Royal Infirmary School of Medicine ; 2,
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congestion, and as regards cerebral haemorrhage, he urges that
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1884 Reid, Thomas Whitehead, Surgeon to the Kent and
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off branches to be connected with cells in their course. Those
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examination I found the chest in the condition just
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symptoms presented by the patient it was considered
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their theory. The simple change of place warrants in their
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St. Vitus' s dance is the most important of the mediate sequelse of
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It seems as if the scarlatinous poison with which such unfortu-
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" The movement has, however, only begun, and its further
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(Ertel divides the corpulent into those in whom the organs
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paralysed. Sharp pains shot down the legs from time to
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The necessity of making a diagnosis between tumour of
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material becomes a little more marked, and slowly de-
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" Latest attack. — Two brothers and a sister had sharp
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to a deep purple or livid, and became less painful.
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are those of acute pelvic-peritonitis, and as the state
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that of a lady get. 75, seen with the late Dr. Frampton
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to the Anglo-American Ambulance Corps, which did such
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used by medical men with the same caution as anesthetics and
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apparently measured about an inch and a half by one inch.
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is recommended. About twelve successful operations for



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