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is the natural one, considering the end we have in view.

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nutriment that enters into the system by the portal of the digestive

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bath and some nitro-glycerine; the cheeks were beginning

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are wider on the convex than on the concave side of the

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able to visit America next year, and even were I to do so I

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about. Unfortunately there are no cases at our disposal,

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following quotation :—" In thinking over the probable relations

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labour (TJieiapeutic Gazette, Nov.) " I have used it in all my

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at, St. Thomas's Hospital ; 48, Brook street, Grosvenor

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hundred and forty daily patients of the other unfortunate

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tion had been made. T tried the experiment at the Necker Hospital

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great meeting of which, in J 881, we all remember, and



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