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number of generations, the Ij^mpli appeared to us to have become

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was set apart for purely clinical work, and interesting

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Mr. C. H. Aylwin, on behalf of the committee, thanked

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pendent organisation, these Societies had been incor-

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a legacy, made up a total of £8,251 17s. 8d. These amounts

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similar action on the other, and hence we should expect

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ever, a very small difference, quite insignificant, the chemist tells us :

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It is often necessary to use a catheter for the first day or

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vocal fremitus and bronchophony, and the breath sounds

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WatCTgate, Grantham, Linonlnshire ; Dr. D. Dycb Browx, 29, Seymour Street, Port-

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myself that seventy to eighty grains were required to procure

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were more than two years of age, and of these none died. To show

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great bulk of medical men know nothing whatever about these

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1874 Page, Herbert William, M.A., M.C., Surgeon (with charge

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necessary to avoid wounding the pelvic vessels. When

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United Statesi and prevent their attendance, to accommodate



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