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Moreover, the morbific germ, like certain volatile substances which,

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level with the umbilicus; in other respects normal.

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disease follows. The evidence that Hahnemann's solution

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escape observation, and a paralysis may be the only symptom which

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ing water ; the bowels are confined and, at the same time, the

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contention that no indexing of the Materia Medica will

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considerably wasted, of a waxy pallid complexion, and with

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If these queries — and I so couch them expressly that

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1877 Charles, T. Cranstoun, M.D., Lecturer on Practical

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wards in relation to this point. I vaccinate : in four days I make

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culty our secretary has in getting some members to take

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operations. A very days are sufl&cient to bring them into a con-

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in distinct small-pox, or at least if they are present when the erup-

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child aged seven months, by means of the injection of air.

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troubled him. In writing to his friend Dr. Gray about

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offer at present the only evidence of benefit, especially

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attention to which clinical instruction wall necessarily be sterile.

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tricity in various diseases, general and special. As would

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clicking sound, which so often accompanies the rapid

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fertilised in situ, and a tubo-ovarian pregnancy result.

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patients complain of pain in the throat, which depends upon the

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study " that I proposed we should attempt it, and even

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forms of some of the larger microbes, but had not the

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night I saw him for the third time. Then all traces of

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gastrium, and occasionally down into the sac. He now

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the face became inflamed and raw for a fortnight. This

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radius is absent and so is the thumb, whilst the ulna

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action at law ? It seems that the time is coming when we

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a Uttle headache and slight sniffing, hardly amounting to

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exanthemata are characterised by pelvic lesions of a

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her condition most mifavourable, he advised against it.

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always sum up their number. In place of the necessary result

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the febrile stage. In reference to this point Dr. Sykes,

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gangrene is not absolutely novel. In fact a discussion

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