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of doors on the fourteenth day of his illness. A purple

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Diphtheria, as a corresponding expression, avoiding the termination

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for the ability they had shown in the treatment of the patients

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more attention to the medicines. He explained the use of

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Sydenham's dread of diarrhcfia,"so long as it remains moderate and is

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none of these extend round to the dorsal aspect of the

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while their characteristic symptom is a sense of constriction,

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that most of those present had done as much as they could,

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series to a suflSciently sensitive galvanometer, say one of from

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of form, &c, they are projected outwards. It is probably

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any given metal, was passed through the vapour of the

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several cases of gastric neuralgia, violent painful colic

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1st. Circular friction round the globe of the closed

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lesson. People say to you — Bring together facts ; do your best to

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a bottle of brandy per day. A child to which she had

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lately been indebted to Dr. Frost, so that he knew his

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record of a case of a child who was certainly dying, and

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ramifications the indurated tissues should be well dissected

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England for the south of France. Let it be remembered,

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and if they were to act according to precedent, he thought

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most assuredly he is right. Dr. Zandyck is of opinion that the affec-

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absent, and in no other pyrexia, excepting yellow fever, is it so

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with, mirahile dictuf pleasure and comfort. There is

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the sun ray a solution of HGl or better HI and very soon

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his seizure, he was as weak as if he had had an aggravated attack

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and somewhat rapid fall in the rate of flow till from a

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and may be had at the hospital. Dr. Clifton, of Northampton,

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could say baby was well. She is fuU of bile, and very sick at

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be so, it is not probable that toluylene'diamine would be of any

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Affections which occur during Convalescence. — Gastric Disturbance.— Vomit-



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