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in senile gangrene as in frost-bite, from any interference
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parts, have not, up to the present time, met with their counterparts in
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abnormal conditions (irritation) can excite increased proliferation
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Rate of outflow per five minutes in c.c. — 300, 240, 310,
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during which she had a fainting fit — this unfortunate woman felt
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around the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society as
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more efficiently used. M. le Dr. Leboucher, of Paris, has
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plication nearly always proves fatal in children under three years of
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giving dangerous small-pox to an individual, and on the other the
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will be found formed in the following manner : In front
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the Materia Medica was properly criticised, every mdividual
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image upon them, and on this account were considered
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seven I saw him, he was quite insensible, the pupils did not respond
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only the results of his personal experience, and as he had never seen
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mer. corr, was given until these symptoms had subsided.
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I. On the Yalue of Systematic Examination of Stillborn
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leeches to the temple. She was immediately relieved, the vomiting
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strychnine present in the blood ; let us take it that ijb
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July 29th. — She presented herself again in two days,
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rently eluded the vigilance of the bacteriologists), there
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A. Pressure on the cricoid cartilage occluded either
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during the month of October. It may be here interesting
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few things — sunstroke, acute rheumatism, pneumonia,
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Taking the two analyses together, it appears that, of
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will not be the modified form, but natural small-pox, distinct or
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21st, 1860, with heart disease, but unconnected with any
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taken by Roosing and Heyn, Sattler, Tilanus, Neisser, Jeffries,
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severely. On the right hand the fingers were blanched
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friable and stained yellow. The lungs were shghtly con-
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you your way through a complicated case — ^though it is,
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I wiU not quote aU the notes of this very interesting case, but
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at first they were reddish, but soon became brown. The
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The second experiment of Cohnheim's is simply a variation of
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French themselves, and hence was left after all other articles,
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Denmark where, in 1833, the Government requested physicians to
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prevention of which occasions the development of new diseases.
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to cold. These attacks have been, in some cases, accom-
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Hahnemann, to Dr. E. M. Hale, from whose Special Theia-
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the Medical Society of Berlin— on the successfid translation
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cause paralysis of any muscle. The animal operated on,
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resemble small pigmented senile warts. Insignificant as
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to this area, and yet with all the above signs present,
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particulars of the cincJiona experiment on himself, when he
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mild aperient, very much in favour with the South Russian
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The nature of the membrane itself is not yet very clearly ascer-
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The next paper I have to notice is that of Dr. Cooper
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titioner who, considering the symptoms due to a hearty meal
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post-mortem examination revealed cerebral hajmorrhage to a con-
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and the right flaccid ; there were no clots. The tissue was
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of which we are speaking, determining glandular swellings going on
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coal, lighting, wages, and indeed all expenses. Their funds



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