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formidable a task as the revision of his Therapeutics has

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only reliable index is afforded by the pulse. The fact

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Government Board, clears up a good deal of the obscurity

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curable diseases can be traced to improper sanitary,

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cold wet pack at once. This was done. When I got up

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simultaneously on many digits of both feet and both

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members. Had this been carried out, he should have voted

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ciently uitelligent to direct your proceedings ; the clinic stands in

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with the views which I have expressed. Under the head " Dia-

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to the difficulty of arriving at a conclusion. Many early

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the time she was under treatment as many as three dozen leeches

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to fold his arms, for at the end of a few days the malady will have

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on the contrary, red stasis prevails, the lymph wiU be of a reddish

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mittee declared it to be one of the best-conducted hospitals

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sufficiently acute of hearing to imdertake the duties and

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original state of small-pox tvheit re-inirodiiced into the human

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to the living cell, in proportion to the degree in which they are irri-

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type of character that is desired." This is &e mission of

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and hffimato-salpinx, and tubal pregnancy, we cannot, I

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were, of course, satisfactory, but it had always been considered



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