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show such appreciation of the only way in which we can

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sequence of an erroneous interpretation of the symptoms of vomit-

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Case of Hcematemesis^ followed by complete Suppression

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new hospital, and to ask each member who had not already

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supply of blood. Nevertheless, all authorities are, I think,

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from small-pox, you must take it at a sufficiently early stage of the

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Tonicsj more or less decided stimulants, nutritious food, and above

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evening she seemed so bad that her husband insisted on having

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The sore-throat almost always shows itself simultaneously with the

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Patellar entirely absent ; no ankle clonus, and none

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2 Saline solution, 0'6 per cent, supplied. 3 Convallamarin 1 per cent.; 04

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original worker was in these matters in advance of his time.



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