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during the stenotic stage (second stage). The injection
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(which he admits to be so desirable, though he now thinks
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as convalescence from the parametritis was established.
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The constable, who Mr. Samuel Smith took into his con-
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about thirty hours. It is a long, straggling, but pros-
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tion in the limb was good and the toes of the left foot were
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both the results of the same cause in the cases under
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yesterday, and one this morning. To apply two leeches to the
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colleagues showed the medical world the coincidence which exists
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balance of evidence is all the other way, viz., in favour of the
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the healthy skin ; so far from this being the case, the discoloration
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remedy, kali phos. He believed antipyrin was specific
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consciousness. She remained unconscious for four days,
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us on the schedule, and it is hoped that we shall receive a
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disturbances of the digestive system ; 8, the increase* in
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the considerable difference between the temperature of
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the left, and there was complete general ansesthesia of the
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observers in order to secure both completeness and uniformity
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tion of puerperal fever in young subjects, and which proves fatal to
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The students of this school also have access to the Penn-
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1868 Broadbent, William Henry, M.D., Physician to, and
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antiseptic midwifery. In no single instance had a £&tal ter-
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appearing the cough became worse, and the temperature,
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During the next six days the patient seemed to be pro-



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