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giving rise to capillary bronchitis or a special form of pneumonia,
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it may be mentioned that in 1865, he was chosen Vice-
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one other who was not present, but who also should be
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hospitals, or it would have been frequently observed and
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imder the skin by means of a syringe fitted with a small
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latter results being similar to our own. As to the work
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visit as formerly." These proposals were duly seconded by
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-consequence or service. He selected the most important,
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With regard to von Langenbeck's plan of dividing the
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vomiting, etc. For these ailments the said elixir was
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pathist, was a Fellow of this Society for as many as forty-
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six or seven dorsal vertebrae must take place, resulting in
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of the Index to the Cyclopaedia of Drug PatJiogenesy, now
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inspiration, very laborious respiration, and fever. If there are no
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brought away in strips. Biit the whole may be easily removed
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patients, who was engaged in farming, lately had a calf a
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It seems probable, therefore, that a portion at least of &e
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1850 t^ UAIN > Richard, M.D., F.R.S., Consulting Physician to the
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3. It shows, lastly, that the resources of even a small
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we received into the clinical wards a young woman in the third day
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interpretation of natural phenomena shall be altered,
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including amputation of the arm, deserved a better fate than
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manifestations, and terminates in a rather abrupt manner, while ii
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innoxious, must inevitably produce. We must also take
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the mother tincture of ntujc vomica and a few other
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though occasionally high coloured, scanty and depositing
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traction of the dorsal muscles, and cramp in the muscles of
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this mysterious power for evil, and, when judiciously appUed^
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operations suggested in lieu of craniotomy there is a
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latina besides these which are indicated by the terms carjohologiaf
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second day and peritonitis on the third. There was no
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in bed No. ii bis, and the third in bed No. 17 — you w^ill see in
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than such subjects usually receive. This is as it should be.
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attacked by measles, the latter may, like scarlatina, give development
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from that by which the formation of ideas of concrete
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that the convulsions were due to some brain mischief, as
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to re-state succinctly the various points upon which observers are
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Dr. Dyce Brown : I have very much pleasure in seconding
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the twelfth day, it has nearly regained its normal thickness, but the



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