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Such works are apt to be dull and uninteresting to the general

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tion, told the following : — * After the Franco-Prussian war I

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observed in Paris, however, I cannot help thinking that in the

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" One of the best, if not the best, definitions of ' medicine * "

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patient breathed. But this experiment has an additional

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cessful and unsuccessful experiments may be quoted. Bretonneau in

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At the same meeting a suggestion was made that a series

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The children's ward of the London HomcBopathic Hos-

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1873 Murray, Ivor, M.D., F.R.S. Ed. 8, Huntriss Row, Scar-

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It is not necessary that the person who conveys the contagion

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cially below. The ribs here are also found to be separated

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patient was placed under ether, and turned on his left side

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Gordon street, Gordon square. S. 1868-70. C. 1876-7.

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the early history of the case, especially the sudden onset

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The upper ribs on the right side are pressed downwards

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Usually though, if a case is going to the bad, the pulse

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Dr. Day expressed his indebtedness to Dr. Burford for his

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less useful in such diseases. It must be confessed that

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Dr. J. MuBRAY MooBE then read a paper, which he entitled

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tendent (Mr. G. A. Cross) read the notice convening the

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weight of these germs, and even now, when so much has

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marked features in warmth, cold, dryness or moisture and

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answered the calls made on him by his large practice, attend-

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They felt as homoeopaths that they had no right to be behind

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found in the surrounding tissues. The web must be occasionally

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advance, but what I would wish to point out is, that all this

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(b) Cases characterised by gastric, hepatic and intes-

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inoculation. Other observers, among whom may be mentioned



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